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General Appearance

A robust, stylish, dual purpose animal, active and vigorous showing breed character and vitality, well proportioned and muscled. Bulls masculine and cows feminine.


Generally alert, docile and easy to handle.


Moderately long coffin-shaped skull, orbital arches not prominent, slightly convex in profile. Forhead prominent.
DISQUALIFICATION - Wry face. Undershot jaw.


Relatively short horned (30cm/12") curving outward and upwards, although down swept is seen. De-horning allowable and not penalised in the show ring. Poll cattle accepted.
FAULT - Uneven, small thin and stumpy horns. Polls must be free of scurs.


Almond shaped, medium to large, dark, luminous, with soft expression.


Horizontal to head and pointed on ends.
DISQUALIFICATION - Pendulous ears, never Brahman type.


Strong and medium length.


Large in bulls and small in cows. Placed ahead of/or directly above shoulders. Upright and firm.


Moderately developed, free of fleshiness with few folds.


Shoulders muscular and free moving, giving width of chest with room for heart and lung with well developed brisket.


Long and slender, 'whiplike', usually set high at rump, extending to about the hock. Black switch.

Legs and Feet

Medium length and well proportioned. To show some strength of bone. Short pasterns and hard small black hooves with equal halves and small cleft. Found and recognised brown hooves.


General shape above hock joint is round, wide at the pins, with good width between hips and between thurls. Rump broad, strong and rounded.


Good length of barrel, proportionate to height, rib cage well rounded.

Gait and Movement

Straight, covering the ground.


Tight and firmly attached.
DISQUALIFICATION - Descended sheath. Eg. Brahman or Santa Gertrudis type.


Two moderately decended  small testicles.
DISQUALIFICATION - One or undescended.


Compact, well attached, high with even quarters. Small to medium length teats with dark pigmentation and good capacity.
FAULT -Pendulous or divided.


Dark pigmentation, black nose and rounded eyes. Found and recognised dark brown skin around eyes.
FAULTS - Pink skin


Any colour or combination of colours most common black, red, steel grey to almost pure white. All colours and broken colours should have black points - eyes, nose, horns and tail switch.


Short, dense and sleek.


At withers behind hump not to exceed 107cm/42" at two years of age.
Mature bulls from 250-280kg / 500-600lb
Mature cows should be 180-230kg / 400-500lb


Bull cough, grunt and roar. Cows to a lesser extent.


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.